I am a single mother that has just graduated from Point Park University with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh my whole life, and I expect to continue to build my family here in Western Pennsylvania. I have one daughter and she’s 7-years-old and worth every minute of endless question-asking because it’s important, I believe, to talk to our children while they’re young so they can trust you when they’re older.

Primarily, I’m a risk-taker with initiative. I feel as though once you set your goal, make a plan to follow to achieve it… all that’s left is the time that it takes to reach it. I don’t wait around for an opportunity to jump in my hands- I search for one or create my own avenue for achievement. I’m a team player that knows how to play alone, if need be. I’m skilled in every aspect of communications, from traditional to social media, as well as journalism, P.R. and marketing: I’ve also taken a business course so that I can approach the career world as a well-rounded asset to your company.

My resume illustrates the multiple aspects of communications that I’ve had the honor of studying and performing. It is a reflection of years of hard work and trying to find my niche. Thank You for taking the time to review my resume for the position. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you again for your time and consideration of my resume. I have every intention on assisting and enhancing your company with my work and dedication.

Erica Taylor

Columbia Ave

Pgh, PA. 15218

*You can also find me on Linked In- just click here


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